Care and keeping


Professional dry cleaning is recommended for keepsake items. We also suggest that the gowns be packed in boxes specially made for storing these items.  The box and acid free papers are easily purchased on the internet for as little as $17.95, using the keywords Christening Gown Storage. The acid free materials help to keep the gowns from discoloring over time. This simple step preserves your special keepsake and its memories for many years to come.





Monograms have been used for centuries as a  way of marking or identifying a special item.  A monogram is personal.  It adds a touch of elegance to a Christening gown and most of all it preserves a special memory. Our monograms are hand crafted at Monograms by Emily, Inc. on 7th Avenue, here in Manhattan.  We monogram the name and date of birth or traditional three initial monograms in  white, ivory, pink or baby blue.  The monogram identifies a true family keepsake.  Options are available to order the monogram when the gown is purchased  or for wholesale customers to send the gown to us for a monogram at a later date.





Although professional dry cleaning is the preferred method for caring for our Christening gowns, it is possible to wash  a linen gown.   It will require a tender loving hand to preserve the beauty of the gown.  Linen, is a natural fiber which results from the growth of the flax plant.  The fabric will grow softer and whiter with washing because a thin layer of pectin gum is removed from around the fiber as it is washed.  There are special soaps available today formulated for washing linen.  A brochure on “Care of Linen” is available from Precious&Few.