About Us

Precious and Few is a business which grew from a beloved family tradition, the family Christening. Each new member born to our family wore the Christening gown of our ancestors and special memories were preserved. As each baby wore the dress, the special rite of welcome was sealed. It was a exciting time as the generations gathered for pictures of the infant in the family heirloom. As time went by, and families were distanced by time and space, preserving a tradition had even more meaning. With a desire to offer beautiful family heirlooms to future generations, Precious & Few was born. Precious & Few's Christening Gowns are designed and produced exclusively in the United States. Our collection features tasteful details such as lace finishing, elegant pleating and intricate button work. We take pride in the quality of the workmanship and materials used for our heirloom collection. Each part of the process has been handled with a very special touch. Our goal is to provide fine quality Christening attire for discerning parents wishing to carry forward a time honored tradition. We want our customers to know they are purchasing something which is meant to be preserved with love and care.

To place an order or to learn more about our collection, Send and E-mail to kathleen@preciousfew.com or call us at 718-492-0283 for special assistance.

Give your children cherished heirlooms to remember their Christening.
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